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NMS Venom

Welcome To NMS Venom

NMS Venom travel teams are designed for most players to be able to participate. NMS Venom’s mission is to teach players the proper skill set, both mentally and physically to progress to the next level! Venom players will learn from seasoned lacrosse coaches and educators. Venom players will learn under a disciplined, but compassionate coaching structure. Different levels/teams will serve different functions. We will have Elite level teams that focus on recruitment and playing and winning at the most competitive national tournaments. We will also have Academy level teams that focus more on player development. Academy teams will introduce players to structured fundamentals and begin to introduce higher end team lacrosse concepts. 


Venom takes pride in keeping up with the latest techniques and positive improvements in the lacrosse world.  Our unique hybrid box/field curriculum, developed from the most current coaching techniques, is ideal for players of all ages. This summer we will focus on immersing our players in box lacrosse training that compliments their field training.  Each team will be exposed to box lacrosse drills during practices and rotate through actual box lacrosse practices where they gain critical skills and techniques.


Additionally, we will continue to operate within a year-based Elite and Academy level system to accommodate players of different ages and skill sets.  It is the mission of the Venom program to equip your lacrosse player with the tools and skills to be successful on and off the field and to grow as a player and an individual.  Join one of Richmond's largest and longest running travel programs to grow your game and prepare you for the next level. 

 Our coaching staff consists of current and former college players, high school and youth coaches, and experienced directors to ensure that all players are receiving high level training and an opportunity to showcase their skills in the most appropriate arenas for both development and exposure .

Summer 2016 Champs

Rumble in Richmond Champs

Summer Sizzle Champs HS A

Summer Sizzle Champs JV A

Battle of Bull Run Champs

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