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NMS Venom



NMS Venom travel teams are designed for most players to be able to participate. Team Venom’s mission is to teach players the proper skill set, both mentally and physically to progress to the next level! Venom players will learn from seasoned lacrosse coaches and educators. Venom players will learn under a disciplined, but compassionate coaching structure.  Different levels/teams will serve different functions. Venom will have teams comprised by graduation year.We will have Elite level teams that focus on recruitment and playing and competing at the most competitive national tournaments. We will also have academy level teams that focus more on player development. Academy teams will introduce players to structured technical skills and begin to introduce higher end team lacrosse concepts. Select players will learn from the same play book and practice the same drills as the Elite level, so as they progress and improve they can move up to the Elite level without missing a beat.  Whether we have an Elite level team and a Academy level team at each age level will depend on how many players tryout.


Elite Level 

The elite teams will be composed of the area’s best players and will compete in high end tournaments against the country’s best competition.

At the high school elite level, Venom will further develop player’s abilities making good lacrosse players into great lacrosse players. At the Elite level the goals are to begin to get recognized and prepare for the college recruitment process. Coaches will personally provide advice to all Venom families to help guide them through the recruiting process.

At the rising high school and middle school level the team will also compete at the country’s best tournaments against the best competition. However, the focus will be both on recruiting and on preparing the high end middle school and rising high school player to make an immediate impact at the high school level.




The focus of Academy teams is to develop technical skills as well as introducing higher end offensive and defensive concepts.  The goal is to turn the athlete into a confident, skilled player that competes for serious playing time on their school team and an eventual spot on one of the Elite squads.



To be a member of NMS Venom, you must pledge yourself to a higher accountability that demands you be a better person then you are a player through example and a standard of conduct at all times. You will be expected at all practices and competitions. You will be expected to be accountable in all aspects of life including maintaining high academic standards, proper social conduct, community engagement, etc.

You represent all aspects of Lacrosse (tradition, sportsmanship, community) and you must be willing to live this Mission Statement, be willing to challenge yourself to achieve excellence even when you don't think it’s possible and play with a deep reservoir of heart at all times.



Promote the sport of lacrosse and the lacrosse player.


Have individuals who are better people than they are lacrosse players.


Team recognition, Player recognition, Prepare for High School/Middle School season. Develop skills to move on to the next level.