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FC Crush

FC Crush Travel Lacrosse

FC Crush travel teams & training is designed for most players to be able to participate. Whether a beginner or an Elite level player training with FC Crush will greatly improve your level of play and lacrosse IQ. Our mission is to teach players the proper skill set, both mentally and physically to progress to the next level! Our players will learn from seasoned lacrosse coaches and educators. Crush players will learn under a disciplined, but compassionate coaching structure. 

Crush takes pride in keeping up with the latest techniques and positive improvements in the lacrosse world.  Our unique hybrid box/field curriculum, developed from the most current coaching techniques, is ideal for players of all ages. This fall we will focus on immersing our players in box lacrosse training that compliments their field training.  Each team will be exposed to box lacrosse drills during practices where they gain critical skills and techniques.

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